5 pieces of advice from artists finding success in the NFT space


Multi-hyphenate creators Emonee LaRussa, Diana Sinclair, and Maliha Abidi joined us at our NFT.NYC Kickoff event at DorDor Gallery to talk about the future of digital art and share some advice. 

It can feel overwhelming to get started in a new industry, even if you’re an established creator. Start with the steps below to get yourself aligned in the right direction.  

Use social media

“Follow everyone who does what you do and people who aren’t as good as you and people who are way better than you, because just surrounding yourself with that type of artist is just going to make you a better artist,” says Emonee. 

Twitter, Instagram and Discord are all incredibly important tools to get your work in front of collectors and the broader NFT community.

Broaden your network

“It’s really important to surround yourself with people that are from your community outside of art as well,” says Diana Sinclari. “People will be able to see what you’re trying to say with your artwork. We’ll be able to support you on a deeper level.”

Sometimes all you need is an outsider’s perspective. 

Share the behind the scenes 

“Even if it’s something you don’t think is a traditional process, just share it.  I know people will appreciate that because people really want to know how.” Teaching is a strong form of community building, says Maliha Abidi. 

Pay it forward

“It is all about getting your name out there and then taking everybody’s name and spreading it,” says Emonee. “If you have that love, I swear, it’ll come back to you.”

Be patient

While overnight success is possible in the NFT world, community building takes time. For continued positive results, laying a foundation is imperative. 

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