Announcing Alexander Gilkes’ NFT Residents

Announcements NFT Residency

Alexander Gilkes has spent 20 years working at the cross section of contemporary culture, technology, and philanthropy; and his selections for the Voice NFT Residency demonstrate that expertise.

Gilkes is one of six curators selected to work with Voice to bring bold, diverse creators into the NFT space during the launch of Voice’s beta platform in summer 2021. Other curators include Misan Harriman and Kimberly Drew.

First to release NFTs as part of his residency will be Zoe Buckman, a visual artist known for her sculpture works with meaningful messaging. Buckman’s collection will mark her first foray into the NFT space, paving the way for artists who create physical works to develop an accompanying digital practice. 

“I have long admired Zoe’s ability to spotlight taboo topics through her work,” says Gilkes. “She is the hallmark of collaboration, and we were interested to see what the NFT format would allow her to explore and reveal.” 

Gilkes also worked with Gaika Tavares, a British multi-disciplinary artist who fuses music, art, technology, literature, and film into a catch-all aesthetic he has termed “ghetto futurism.”

Gaika’s project began with a series of experimental generative art livestreams hosted on Voice, utilizing blockchain data from the unique attendees for each performance. The works produced will be turned into an NFT collection, available exclusively on Voice. 

The final artist in Gilkes’ residency is noted photographer Hassan Hajjaj, who is known as the “Andy Warhol of Marrakech.” Hajjaj’s project will feature and benefit street vendors whose businesses were significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The collections created as a result of this summer’s collaborations between artists and our team of technologists will drop as auctions on the Voice platform throughout fall 2021. 

Learn more about the Residency here.