Announcing Misan Harriman’s NFT Residents

NFT Residency

The legendary photographer selected emerging artists Emonee LaRussa and Yemi Davis, plus NFT innovator Ali Sabet, to create a series of NFTs as a part of the Voice NFT Residency.

Fresh off opening the Voice platform in public beta, we are excited to continue the momentum with the announcement of our first cohort of NFT residents curated by photographer, creative director, and cultural commentator Misan Harriman.

The NFT Residency program is curated by six established visionaries in the arts and culture space, who selected emerging artists to explore the vast opportunities provided by NFTs. These artists paired directly with the our technology team to envision the technological capabilities of their NFTs and inform key components of the Voice platform. The residency theme ‘Raise Our Voice’ reflects the power of NFTs to lift up emerging creators to create works of self-expression. 

“When I saw the moral compass that Voice has, I was very interested in what Salah and his team are building,” says Harriman. “The fact that it’s a purpose led NFT platform is quite unique in this marketplace.” 

Harriman is the founder of What We Seee, whose mission is to surface and amplify uplifting and inspirational stories. His artist selections align directly with that vision. 

Emonee LaRussa, a 26-year-old Emmy award-winning illustrator, is using her collection of NFTs to raise funds for her recently launched non-profit Jumpstart Designers.  The organization provides computers and access to the Adobe Creative Suite to lower-income kids, a mission based on LaRussa’s personal experience. 

“There’s too many people left in the dark strictly because of accessibility,” says LaRussa. 

Motion designer and art director Yemi Davis shares a passion for storytelling and accessibility as well. His NFTs explore conversations around ableism, spirituality, political injustice, bullying, and inclusivity. 

Ali Sabet is regarded as one of the top NFT artists. His work is a blend of paint, digital alchemy, and magic. 

The benefit of utilizing NFTs as a mechanism for asset delivery is twofold: the technology allows for artists to earn from their work in perpetuity, benefitting the communities they all serve. Additionally, the uniqueness and permanence of linking work to the blockchain creates an immutable record that rightfully solidifies the historical record of the creators’ work.

The collections created as a result of this summer’s collaborations between artists and our team of technologists will drop as auctions on the Voice platform throughout fall 2021. 

Learn more about Misan Harriman’s residency.