Azu Nwagbogu on the potential of NFTs

NFT Residency

The internet is an artifact of our time, creating a contemporary visual culture for artists to come together and experiment. No one understands this more than influential curator Azu Nwagbogu. 

Nwagbogu is drawn to the NFT movement because of its distinct sensation of, what he calls, the ‘medium meeting the moment.’

“I was really interested in the way that the internet and social media sort of provide an alternative for artists,” he explains.

Nwagbogu is one of the established visionaires in the art world exploring a future alongside a slew of creatives. As the Founder and Director of the African Artists’ Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria, he has curated private collections for various prominent individuals and corporate organizations in Africa. 

His latest curatorial role is with the NFT Residency, where he will partner with emerging creators to create and mint NFTs on Voice. Through the Residency, Nwagbogu is exploring the new frontier of digital creation — which he defines as ‘medium meeting the moment.’ 

He explains that this new moment is propelled by the agency of the internet, and its ability to create a true sense of community among artists, globally.

“[The internet] is where enthusiasts come together … It feels like you’re in a completely new universe.”

Azu Nwagbogu

One step beyond the community and creativity that the internet has to offer is the potential of NFTs, and their ability to offer creators ownership in a truly revolutionary way. Yet, Nwagbogu shares that much of his personal community is skeptical about how much they will be able to leverage the technology for success.

“People are very curious and a little bit tentative,” he says. “That’s why it’s really important for those who have been left out of the internet are the ones shaping the medium and shaping what [NFTs] can do for artists.”

Working with multidisciplinary artists from around the world, Nwagbogu’s Residency aims to raise up the community and create a true sense of collaboration in this new era of creation.

“Art is about experimentation and about risk. If you feel like [NFTs] are not for you, pay attention to what we’re doing at Voice and begin to think about how you can expand your work on the platform.”

The first series of NFTs will drop as part of Voice’s public launch later this summer.

Watch the full conversation on Voice’s Instagram.