NFT.NYC Q&A with Chad Knight: Part I

Chad Knight joined us at our NFT.NYC Kickoff event to talk about getting into digital art and share some advice.

Display your NFT in a Brooklyn gallery this fall

Voice is partnering with DorDor Gallery to kick off NFT.NYC this November.

Buying NFTs should be easy

Your first question when you saw the three letters NFT may have been, “What is it?”’ A logical follow up: “How do I buy one?”…

Evolution of online creation: 2006-now

We’re in the midst of constant evolution, where digital technology is allowing for transformation faster than ever before.

Reflections from conceptual internet artist and musician John Zobele.

The new Renaissance

By Thomas Dylan Daniel Recently, I had the privilege of connecting with an old friend in a new way. Marjan Moghaddam, a well-known digital artist…

Reclaiming the digital art world

By Jillian Godsil Curator CryptoYuna discovered ‘crypto art’ by accident. An established artist working in oils, she stumbled over a tweet with the same term…