5 ways to use unlockable content

With unlockable content, you can begin to think about your NFTs as interactive experiences for your community of fans and followers.

How to mint carbon neutral NFTs on Voice

Voice is proud to offer a carbon neutral marketplace experience. 

Tip for using editions on Voice

Editions are unique NFTs that share the same content. So, for example, if you minted a song as a series with 10 editions in it,…

How to get started selling NFTs

From sales to auctions, here’s a few tips to start selling your creations on Voice.

How Voice is making NFTs truly accessible

As with any new tech, there are a lot of unsolved problems and huge opportunities yet to be discovered.

What is Voice’s blockchain roadmap?

Here at Voice, we believe that NFTs represent the future of idea exchange. As we shared in our manifesto, to make NFTs accessible to everyone,…