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Coming soon: NFTs made easy for everyone


Voice’s environmentally friendly, free-to-mint NFT platform lowers the barrier to entry for digital creation.

Next month, we are launching the first environmentally friendly NFT platform where users will be able to mint NFTs for free and buyers will be able to purchase them with a standard credit card. No cryptocurrency, no gas fees, and no previous technical knowhow necessary. 

We believe in the transformative power of NFTs, and that the underlying technology will completely change the way we create and share online. But for NFTs to reach everyone, they require a platform accessible to those outside the crypto space, with advanced technology that will lead us into the future. 

Fast and green                                              

You may have heard about NFTs from the outcry around environmental impact. See: here, here and here. The energy requirements surrounding the creation and sale of NFTs on existing marketplaces are irresponsible and unsustainable. Here’s how we’re different: 

  • Voice is > 65,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin
  • Voice is > 17,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum

What does this mean in more tangible terms? The average American home has 67 lights (source). If Voice were equivalent to one light bulb, then the power consumption of Bitcoin is 992 homes. Ethereum is 257 homes. Voice achieves this through Delegated proof of stake, a blockchain consensus algorithm which does not require huge server farms to mine for a solution.

Many NFT platforms talk about being ‘carbon neutral’ but rely on carbon offsets. Our transactions are inherently environmentally responsible by not doing the damage in the first place. 

Free to mint

Voice will be the world’s first major NFT platform to enable anyone to mint (create) an NFT for free. This is also possible because of our underlying blockchain technology. That means no more gas fees experienced when minting on chains like Ethereum.  By removing the upfront cost of creating, we will diminish the exclusionary nature of the space and open up digital creation & collection to an entirely new group of individuals.

At launch Voice will support free minting of NFTs for 10 media standards covering: audio (flac, midi, mp3, wav), video (mpeg, mp4), image (gif, jpeg, png) and document (pdf). More formats will follow, along with support for split royalties between NFT co-creators. 

Easy to buy

Voice will allow users to purchase NFTs using a standard credit card. That means: no previous cryptocurrency holdings or wallet required. The decision to expand beyond the current audience of NFTs is to allow for further accessibility, accountability, and familiarity. 

Coming soon

Our beta will launch to the outside world mid-August and NFTs will be immediately available for sale globally to adults 18 and over. 

We will open the door to anyone who ever wanted to buy or sell an NFT but didn’t know how. The potential of NFTs is undeniable – and that opportunity should be open to everyone. 

Make sure you’re keeping up with our updates and get notified for launch access.