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Bridging the gap between art and technology

NFT Residency

NFT Residency Curator Chad Knight gathered with Voice’s lead technologist William Anderson and NFT heavyweights Olive Allen, Parrott, Stuz0r, Brilly, Shan Vincent de Paul and Karsen Woods this week on Clubhouse to discuss futurism and technology.

All immersed in the world of NFTs in various ways, the group discusses how the technology can be applied to all edges of the digital landscape. But what is the impact of NFTs on other emerging technologies, and how can artists leverage them for success?

Beyond the hype, NFTs offer a new path for emerging creators, says Knight.

“We’re not here necessarily to get famous about it. We’re here because we’re really passionate about the technology, the art, and we see the potential in it.”

Chad Knight

The barrier to entry into NFTs is admittedly high for many creators, from the initial monetary investment to the environmental guilt to the required understanding of crypto. To boot, many artists don’t have access to the knowledge of how they can use emerging technologies in their creations.

Anderson imagines NFTs as the entry point for artists to the use of these innovative technologies, such as generative adversarial networks, virtual reality, 3D creation, and more.

“There’s still a huge gap between technologists and artists … After the initial hype has died down, there’s a lot to work on, and that time is right now,” says Allen.

For many, NFTs have introduced a whole new world of possibility for their art and how they express themselves through creation. Developer, designer, and gamification enthusiast Parrott shared a bit about his most recent project called The Conversation, where collectors can earn aspects of a layered image and change it depending on their mood or preferences. 

“One of the coolest things about NFTs in particular is that up until now art has been made to be a one way street between artist and the consumer. There’s not much interaction or conversation,” says Parrott.

The Conversation is only one of many platforms exploring new ways of creation on the blockchain. In unanimous agreement, the creators on the panel say while many creators and celebrities came and went with the NFT boom, those who are still involved are here to stay — and are taking the time to bring more creativity and ingenuity to the conversation.

“Artists are pulling back and asking themselves what they really want to contribute to the space,” says Brilly. The only concern is the limitation is put on them by not knowing the possibilities that the technology has to offer.

“You can only have ideas about things you have knowledge of. If we don’t understand the technology it’s hard for us to figure out how to be creative with it,” says Knight. 

“I think as creatives once we understand it more, we’re going to see some very interesting ways of misusing technology and combining technology to achieve really interesting results.”

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