Gaika’s latest boundary-pushing project: generative art NFTs

Creators NFT Residency

Have you ever been part of a generative artwork? Now is your chance.

British multidisciplinary artist Gaika is hosting a series of livestreams where viewers will experience the shifting visuals of his art in real-time. Driven by the flow of global data, collected from analytics and blockchain activity, the art will transform live during three separate streams: September 27 at 12 pm ET, September 30 at 6 pm ET, and October 2 at 10 am ET. 

Visitors to will be treated to a series of audiovisual poems, a sharp lyrical critique with the visuals representing lucid digital dreaming. Simply put, what you see on screen will change based on how people are currently interacting with The data is all private and anonymized, allowing Gaika to build an interactive experience that’s inclusive yet mysterious.  

The project, called Live from War Island, is a part of Gaika’s upcoming War Island anthology. An exclusive collection of NFTs created from the livestreams will be released on Voice in the coming weeks. 

Always one to explore new territory, Gaika has been labelled as an iconoclast, rap agitator, and mad scientist. He has produced a series of large-scale audiovisual installations around the world, compositions for film and theatre, and is known for his music that never shies away from complex storytelling and rich texture. His collaborators on the Live from War Island lent incredible levels of creativity, which will be well apparent during both the livestreams and in the resulting NFTs. 

Chamber 45 is a 22-year-old DJ and producer from South London who lent musical stylings to the project. Ben Swanick, a freelance 3D designer, used their fascination with sci-fi aesthetics to create the visuals. Recording artist, filmmaker and musical polymath Chris Kaz moves in otherworldly frequencies, making him a perfect fit for this collaboration. Rounding out the group is Felix Lee, a musician who shaped London’s cultural underground as we know it and similarly influenced the Live from War Island project. 

Gaika’s experimentation comes as a part of his role in the Voice NFT Residency, which provides artists with the resources to explore creating while utilizing blockchain technology. He was advised by Voice’s Lead Technologist William Anderson throughout his development of the data integration.

“Gaika blends statement, values, aesthetic, and technology into experiences that activate not only the senses but the user’s relationship with themselves,” says Anderson. “It is a rare pleasure to work with someone with such clarity of vision, unifying presence and drive to present work with deep meaning.” 

We’re entering a whole new world of creation, bravely led forward like innovative artists like Gaika. Be sure to tune into the livestreams to get inspired for creations of your own. 

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