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Coming summer 2021


One year ago, Voice embarked on an ambitious mission: to build social as it should be. Today, I am very excited to tell you about the next steps we are taking on this journey. 

This summer, Voice will upgrade, becoming a social platform where users can create digital arts across all formats – visual, written, audio and video – enabling them to be easily bought and sold as unique digital artifacts (NFTs). 

At the heart of this move is our core strength: tokenization. Instead of putting tokens next to creative content, the content itself will be the token. We are working hard to enable everyone who engages (likes, comments, etc.) to receive a royalty from its sale, as well. This is social as it should be, where the value of creative content is shared with those who support it.

Starting this summer, Voice will deliver this vision and combine it with the unique qualities of the EOSIO blockchain. Voice NFTs will be:

  • Free to mint (no gas fees)
  • Clean (low emissions)
  • Authentic (identity verified)
  • Resilient (unbreakable ownership)

The days of creators being exploited by platforms are coming to an end.