Q&A with NFT Residency Curator Misan Harriman

NFT Residency

Voice caught up with Misan Harriman, one of our Curators in the Voice NFT Residency, to discuss digital art, opportunity, and the possibilities for NFTs.

 As well as being one of the most widely-recognized photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement, Misan is the first black person in the 104 year history of British Vogue to shoot the cover of its September issue. The photographer, creative director, and cultural commentator is also the founder of What We Seee, whose mission is to surface and amplify uplifting and inspirational stories in a curated stream of the best output from diverse voices, artists, archives and brands to raise the tone of cultural conversation.

Voice: What first made you interested in NFTs? Where do you see the most potential?

Misan: I’ve always been interested and loved the idea of digital art and the value of digital art being akin to the value of physical art. And I love the idea that the non-fungible token is allowing digital artists to be able to have a voice and have a value in their voice. 

I see the most potential in NFTs by democratizing talent and merit for those who have always not had access to the gatekeepers.

Voice: What has been your biggest challenge in navigating the art world? How do you foresee that changing for future generations?

Misan: I think one of the biggest challenges in the art world is that there are so many Basquiats and Picassos walking amongst us that were born into situations where they couldn’t continue doing what they’re doing. The social-economics of art mean that very, very few people can have real careers doing it. 

What I foresee in the future of digital art and the idea that you can have value to your work in a borderless world is that new Picassos will come from new parts of the world and we will celebrate their work in earnest.

Voice: Why were you interested in being a part of the Voice NFT Residency?

Misan: What Voice is doing is helping people who just need a little bit of a hand to pull them into a room of opportunity. To give them the resources to become the artists they were always supposed to be, and that means a huge amount to me personally.

Voice: What does ‘Raise our Voice’ mean to you?

Misan: Raise our voice means that we’re in a world, or beginning to get into a world, where opportunity can be democratized. Where it isn’t just a few gatekeepers that decide whether you are good or not, whether your voice matters or not. Raise your voice, and there’s a small tribe of people like Voice and myself that will do everything we can to make sure your voice gets heard.

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