The creative journey of Yemi Davis

NFT Residency

It can take your entire lifetime to develop into the artist you’re going to be. For Yemi Davis, early family circumstances sparked the flame for creativity that burns brightly to this day. 

His father started one of the first printing presses in his United Kingdom community, representing a creative outlet that would decades later become the starting point as Yemi relays his personal journey. His initial foray into the creative world began in primary school, though he initially wanted to study robotics. 

The perfect merging of those two worlds appeared at university, where he studied digital communications design. “I picked it because I’ve always been a techie and also an arts-head,” he says. 

Take a look at Yemi’s resume, and you can visualize the development of his niche within the creative space. He’s worked as a graphic designer, director of photography, motion graphics designer, and art director. Alongside, he’s been personally interested in crypto, even writing a post on Medium demystifying blockchain. So, when did all of that history come together perfectly in the world of NFTs? 

Via Clubhouse, of course. 

“I was doing a room on Clubhouse where I would just chat to people about what blockchain is and how it works,” he remembers, when someone came along with a question about NFTs. The topic was new to Yemi, but after it landed on his radar, he dove into research around what he considers groundbreaking technology. 

As for where his creative journey leads next? Now based in Abuja, Nigeria, Yemi seeks out opportunities to partner with local creatives. Participating in the Voice NFT Residency was one way to continue to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals. Selecting a 2D illustrator, collage artist and poet to work alongside his 3D design prowess forced an intentional challenge that paid off. “We’ve been creating absolutely magical pieces.” 

When asked to give advice to his younger self, Yemi hesitates. Perhaps because he wouldn’t change a thing about the way he’s moved throughout the creative world — or perhaps because what he wants to put into words is too complex to answer in a short interview. 

“Learn,” he ultimately chooses. “Get stuck in more communities, speak to more people. Learn, learn, learn as much as you can.”

It’s clear that Yemi’s just getting started, bringing a history of innovation and insight to his work.

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