These creators share where they find inspiration


Inspiration can be found in many different places, people, and moments. We asked creators with various practices to share where and when they derive their artistry.

Lyanne Alfaro, Creator of Moneda Moves

I find inspiration… In connection. When I meet people whose purpose is aligned with their everyday actions.

I am most inspired when… I am working with a community I resonate with to drive palpable and real impact.

Rich Hackman, Visual Storyteller

I find inspiration… In the adversity and tension of my life experiences; the stories, memories, and moments that require retrospection and introspection.

I am most inspired when… Surrounded by change-makers, creators, and storytellers leveraging their unique perspectives to induce positive social, political, and economic improvements in their communities.

Dik and Anke van Veen, Artists and Creators of Dutch Igloo

I find inspiration… We are looking for meaning in landscapes. Landscapes that tell us about our history and about our source. We are creating new referents to the origin of the world, primeval landscapes filled with the potential of life.

I am most inspired when… We love to use old techniques like dioramas and photography as much as we embrace newer technologies like 3D rendering and NFTs. We combine all these techniques to create “New Wilderness”.

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