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Using art to take a stand

NFT Residency

Yemi Davis’ work stands out for its complexity and clean aesthetics. The 3D designer and art director’s trademark creations focus on product visualization and interior architecture, pushing the boundaries of imagination and dexterity.

This summer, however, the artist took on a different kind of project: producing a collection of NFTs that’s full of breathtaking activism.

Davis’ foray into NFTs began like many others, as he first heard about the technology through a Clubhouse chat in late 2020. Upon researching the space, he began creating, minting, and selling works.

“I thought, and I still think, it’s a really groundbreaking technology. The possibilities are endless,” he said.

Although Davis isn’t new to the world of NFTs, when curator Misan Harriman reached out about participating as a lead artist in Voice’s NFT Residency, a virtual program connecting established curators with rising creators interested in exploring the digital space, it became clear to him that this collection would be different from his other works. 

The collection’s theme, Raise Our Voice, is shared amongst all participants in the residency. Personal experiences inspired each central message, both on behalf of Davis and each of his collaborators, all fellow Nigerian artists. 

“Raise Our Voice to me is a way of speaking out,” says Davis. “Raising our voice could be standing up against bullying, standing up against sexual violence, and sexual assaults. Raising our voice could be standing up against gender inequalities.”

These are themes Davis and his collaborators, Alexis Tsegba, Bolu Sowoolu, and Modupeola, explored in all six of their pieces — using both their individual and collective voices to make an impact.

The incredible rise of NFTs has expanded opportunities for all creators, especially for those who now have access to a new global network of collectors and larger audiences, to have their messages heard.

Check out Yemi’s collection, dropping soon as auctions on Voice.