The benefits of collaboration

Creators Leveling Up

Creating an NFT is sometimes a collaborative effort, unifying multiple creators behind the same goal- to make, mint, and sell an NFT. In situations where more than one creator has contributed to making an NFT, Voice users can assign multiple creators to the same piece. All creators involved can receive equal compensation and royalties.

Creators deserve meaningful compensation for their art, which is why collaboration and royalties are such an integral part of the digital creator economy. On Voice, collaborator splits are incredibly easy to implement during the minting process, after which payment and royalties are managed automatically by Voice.

Why collaborate?

Collaboration can help you unlock new means of creative expression, can expand your collector base, and can build your community and creator network.

Collaborations can be the perfect vehicle for trying something different and experimenting with style. Take the opportunity to break out of the distinct style you’ve cultivated and allow yourself to be inspired by your co-creator and their artistic approach. Collaborations can be an excellent opportunity for learning.

Collaborations can also be a great opportunity for all parties involved to widen their market and expand their collector base. Tap into each other’s networks and seize the opportunity to build up your own audience.

Finally, use collaborations to engage more deeply with the Voice creator community. Collaborating is a beautiful way to engage with your peers and build relationships with other artists.

Other types of collaboration supported by Voice

Creators on Voice can also partner with brands to release carbon-neutral NFTs that create unique brand experiences, increase brand awareness, and encourage user engagement and interaction.

Charitable giving is another way that collaborations can be utilized on Voice. Creators can collaborate with charities to fundraise for worthy causes. Read more about how to use NFTs for charitable giving here.

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