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Who we are

Voice is a team of technologists, artists and curators using the transformative power of NFTs to make digital art collectable.

What we believe

The rise of emerging technology is changing the art world, allowing digital art of any medium to be collected.

Digital art practices–photography, sculpting, illustration, graphic design, animation, mixed media–as well as physical art like street art, performance art and video art, can now be authenticated by their creators.

Our interactions and identities, what we appreciate, and what we collect, now coexist between the digital and physical worlds.

Why we are here

To empower artists from all walks of life to build sustainable art practices by using the power of blockchain technology.

Led by

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Salah ZalatimoChief Executive Officer

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Greg MazzanobileChief Financial Officer

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Rick WhitnerSenior Vice President & Chief Architect

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Jaclyn TingSVP, Finance & Operations

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Mina AlexanderVP, People

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Brian WalterVP, Engineering

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Emily DrewryDirector, Marketing

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Eliza FishDirector, Partnerships & Creator Relations

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John DodsonDirector, Architecture

A leadership team
with experience
building and leading
world class brands

A leadership team with
experience building and
leading world class brands

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