Easy NFTs for your brand

Voice is a carbon neutral NFT platform that doesn’t require a PhD in crypto. We’re bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Partner with us to activate your brand with NFTs.

Why Voice?

Mint clean NFTs for free on a carbon neutral blockchain

Easy payments, no crypto needed

Expand your reach to multiple blockchains - Ethereum, Polygon, WAX, EOS

Activate your brand

Proof of Attendance

Community membership

Digital merchandise

Branded collectibles

Charity fundraisers

NFTs made easy

Claim your brand’s username

Visit voice.com/signup to secure your username and URL instantly

Mint your NFTs

Follow 3 easy steps to mint your NFTs to the Voice chain

Sell to anyone with a credit card - no crypto needed

Keep 95% of revenue on initial sales, 20% on secondary

Partnering with Voice

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NFT 101 Guide

Still not sure what an NFT is?