How to gift an NFT

Creators Leveling Up

Regardless of where you are in your NFT journey, it’s important to be familiar with the concept of airdropping. In simple terms, airdropping means distributing NFTs from one account to another. On Voice, this is a free feature which has quickly emerged as a key element of building a successful NFT strategy.

There are two ways to send free NFTs right now: directly to another Voice user, or by generating a claim link that is shared in a variety of ways, for example on social media. [Learn more about how to send NFTs here.] 

The thesis is this: introduce your audience to the concept of NFTs and the Voice platform by sending them a free NFT to claim. They will then be primed and prepared to collect your NFTs when they go up for sale. This thesis is proving itself out already on Voice: 45% of creators made a sale after sending an airdrop and 23% of collectors made their first purchase after receiving an airdrop.

Who doesn’t like receiving a free gift? Very few–direct airdrops have a 94% acceptance rate. This isn’t surprising, as the key to building a collector base is engaging with others, sharing your story and forming relationships. 

We’ve seen quite a few success stories utilizing airdrops that are quite easy to replicate.

Artist Alf Gadberry used the feature in his marketing campaign for his Voice NFT Residency collection that launched earlier this summer. He blended the virtual and IRL worlds by creating a real-life NFT treasure hunt on the streets of  Manhattan. To begin, he minted a series of NFTs that he planned to give away via airdrop. He then left clues about where his followers could find these free NFTs on his Instagram stories. At each treasure site, Alf would place a physical work of art and a QR code for his followers. Those who scanned the code could collect a free NFT–while supplies lasted. The magic of this strategy was generating a sense of urgency through limited availability. Those who did receive the airdropped NFTs were primed to become collectors upon the collection launch, and those who didn’t might have been even more likely to collect to satisfy their desire to own a piece from Alf. 

Not every airdrop strategy needs to be as complex as a treasure hunt. Try first an airdrop link that is shared on your Instagram story or Twitter feed. Or, if you have a mailing list, you can offer a free NFT to your subscribers in thanks for their continued support. 

Curious about the airdropping experience? Join our ‘Giveaways’ channel in Discord, where our community gives away art on a daily basis. It’s a great place to connect with other artists and become familiar with the feature. 

Have you run a successful airdrop campaign? Tell us about it by sending us a note: [email protected]