How do I buy an NFT?


Your first question when you saw the three letters NFT may have been, “What is it?”’ A logical follow-up: “How do I buy one?”

The answer used to be relatively complicated. You’d set up a digital wallet, put some crypto in it, make an account, connect your wallet to a marketplace, and quite some time later, you’d be the owner of an NFT.  It’s not a welcoming world for anyone new to the concept of NFTs or crypto — but it should be. 

On Voice, buying an NFT is easy.

No crypto knowledge needed

In an effort to increase accessibility, collectors on Voice can buy NFTs with a credit card. No crypto knowledge necessary!

Making an account on Voice takes fewer than 10 steps. You can start supporting creators within minutes. → click on an NFT → click Buy → create your account → enter your credit card info → confirm purchase

It’s really that simple.

Voice prioritizes user experience. Why? Increased accessibility means more support for creators.

One of the most exciting aspects of NFTs is the opportunity they provide for creators to connect directly with their audiences. But that means breaching the barrier where gatekeepers used to stand between artists and their fans. With NFTs, there is now a two-way street for art to be more easily shared and enjoyed. 

As a creator, you don’t want your fans to have to jump through a variety of hoops in order to support you and your work.

We believe marketplaces need to be built to prioritize creators first. Collectors are an important piece of the puzzle, but right now, all platforms are optimized for them. Creators deserve spaces that cater specifically to their needs, dreams, and future opportunities.