How to find success in the NFT space

Creators Leveling Up

It can feel overwhelming to begin your journey into NFTs. While Voice makes it easy to create an account, mint NFTs, and list them for sale, many artists struggle with the next steps.

The very first step toward achieving an NFT sale is to make sure your Voice profile is complete. Upload a profile picture, a header image, write a bio, and link your social media handles. All of these elements help collectors verify your identity and legitimize you as an artist. Think of your Voice profile page as your gallery space, it should be ready for visitors at any given time and you want to wow them.

Aside from making sure your Voice profile is complete, there are a number of ways you can market yourself and build a collector base.

Social media is your friend

Follow artists you admire, artists who admire you, and other creators in the Voice community. Our community is one of the strongest and most supportive in the NFT space. Join conversations on Discord, creators are always sharing resources and tips with each other. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and promote your work. The reverse of this is also true, when you join these communities use your own channels to support your peers. Get your name out there by spreading the love!

TwitterInstagram, and Discord are all incredibly important tools to get your work in front of collectors and the broader NFT community. Create accounts, be active, learn from your peers, promote yourself.

Consistency is key

A major question creators come to when thinking about their social media strategy is how often they should post to social media. While there’s much more to a successful social media strategy than posting the perfect number of times in a day – there’s no set formula that works for everyone. Of course, there are some general guidelines that can guide you to find that sweet spot.

Something to keep in mind: you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with your post frequency. That’s a one-way ticket to an unfollow. On the other hand, you also don’t want to get lost in the mix. So how much is too much and how much is too little?

Most people agree that the perfect cadence for posting on social is between 3-7 times a week on Instagram and 1-5 Tweets a day on Twitter. Instagram stories and reels can also be utilized to share more content with followers outside of this 3-7 times/week schedule.

Broaden your network. Be patient.

While overnight success is possible in the NFT world, community building takes time. For continued positive results, laying a strong foundation is imperative.

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