Understanding Voice’s multichain enablement

Creators Pros

Choosing an NFT marketplace can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the world of blockchain and NFTs. Voice is the top choice for many users because minting is free, setting up an account is easy, no crypto knowledge is needed, the platform is environmentally neutral, and users can move their Voice-minted NFTs to other chains.

Voice is able to eliminate gas fees and remain environmentally neutral because it is built on a private chain using the EOSIO blockchain protocol. The EOSIO blockchain platform enables high transaction rates, short consensus times, and rich smart contract capabilities, all at a very low cost. Voice uses EOSIO to provide a carbon-neutral and extremely efficient NFT platform that is optimized for NFTs, focusing on innovative features, speed, and resilience.

Voice is also dedicated to developing and strengthening its multichain enablement capabilities, in order to ensure accessibility and connectivity across NFT ecosystems. But what does this mean exactly?

In simple terms, Voice users are able to move their Voice-minted NFTs to other platforms* on the EOSIO blockchain. This allows Voice users access to other marketplaces and audiences. Voice users can move an NFT they minted on Voice to a separate chain with only a few clicks. All they need to do is select a destination and their token will be wrapped and conveyed to their crypto wallet on their selected chain. This allows Voice users the ability to perform transactions on the secondary chain as if their NFTs were actually created there.

The multichain feature is part of Voice’s mission to empower creators by ensuring that they continue to see returns from their creations. Part of Voice’s multichain strategy is to ensure that the royalty promises we make on Voice are carried out on other chains.

*WAX is the only blockchain currently enabled on Voice for cross-chain transactions, more will be enabled as Voice continues its mission to expand accessibility for its users.

Voice will only ever form multichain enablements with other environmentally neutral platforms.