How to display your NFT


As more and more people are getting comfortable with collecting NFTs, a singular question keeps arising… how do I display my NFT collection?

While some people are perfectly happy having their NFT live on their phone or internet browser, other collectors yearn for a way to more publicly share the art that inspires them. If you’re part of the latter group of collectors- there are a number of ways to display your Voice NFT collection and give your collection the prime visual real estate that it deserves. You can start small by uploading your NFT as a Twitter profile pic. You can set your NFT as your computer screensaver to beautify your office.

If you want to give your NFT a more prominent display in your home and hang it in the same way you would traditional art, your best option is to invest in a digital frame.

With NFTs taking over the world, a vast number of digital frame companies have risen to fill the human desire to display their art and beautify their environments.

Our two favorite digital framing options at Voice are Meural by Netgear and Infinite Objects but the options for digital frames these days are vast.