Tips for successful NFT auctions on Voice


Watch the clock count down and the price go up as you launch your first auctions on Voice. 

Auctions are now live for the entire Voice community. We’re excited to roll out this new feature and give your fans and followers the chance to bid on your creations. 

Here’s a few tips for creating auctions on Voice.

What should I list for auction versus for sale?

The choice is completely up to you — both are great ways to sell your creations on Voice. With auctions, you are able to set a reserve price ​​(or minimum bid) to ensure your piece won’t sell for less than a specific amount completely chosen by you, but also give collectors the opportunity to drive up the value.

How long do auctions last?

Auctions last 48 hours after the first bid is placed and the reserve price is met. Bids placed in the last 15 minutes will extend the auction timer to 15 minutes. This means that if a bid is placed with 3 minutes remaining, the timer will then have 15 minutes remaining, giving collectors a chance to get back in the game.

How will collectors know when they’ve been outbid?

Collectors and creators can see the current top bid and the full bidding history on the NFT detail page. Potential collectors will also receive email notifications when they have been outbid so that they’re able to potentially place another bid.

Where will my current auctions show on my profile?

All current auctions will show on your profile page alongside the rest of your collection. Auctions that have met the reserve price will show a countdown.

How do I promote my auctions?

Auctions offer a sense of urgency for fans to collect your creations. Share your drops on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc. with the live link to let your followers in on the fun.

For more on setting up auctions, how to bid, and more, check out our Help Center.

What are you going to put up for auction first? Let us know on social @VoiceHQ.