How to resell an NFT you collected


If you’ve purchased on NFT on Voice but want to resell it, congrats – you’re now contributing to the growth of the secondary market!

What exactly are secondary markets?

While the ‘primary market’ refers to the first sale of an NFT between the creator and a collector, the ‘secondary market’ encompasses all subsequent resales of the work that are not conducted by the creator.

Why should I sell an NFT I collected?

Collectors sell NFTs for many reasons. Re-selling an NFT on the secondary market can oftentimes be financially beneficial for both the collector and the creator. Collectors can benefit from the appreciation of an NFT and attain an attractive return on their investment and creators are additionally supported via royalties.

How do I sell an NFT I collected?

On Voice, the process of re-selling an NFT remains simple, free, and carbon neutral. Simply click on the artwork in your Voice profile, click the List NFT button, and follow the prompts to choose a price.