5 ways to use unlockable content

Creators Leveling Up

Along with the rise in NFTs comes an opportunity for creators to engage with their communities in new and exciting ways. One of those ways is in the form of unlockable content, a feature that allows you to secure information alongside an NFT that can only be accessed by its owners.

Why mint with unlockable content? 

NFTs are more than just jpegs and this proves it. With unlockable content, you can begin to think about your NFTs as interactive experiences for your community of fans and followers. You can also play with the element of surprise as a new layer for your creation in order to engage future collectors of your works. We’re starting with text-only notes, but are exploring other media and formats to add on in 2022.

Creative opportunities

  • Tickets – If you’re a performing artist, you can use NFTs to distribute tickets or give limited access to a special kind of event. The unlockable content is forever attached to your NFT, so fans can re-sell and create an ongoing secondary marketplace within your community. 
  • Easter Eggs – Drop in a discount code for your store, so your collectors can get special deals on your merch
  • Bonus Material – You can add special context, behind-the-scenes content, or other complementary works as an incentive and reward for the lucky few who collect your piece. 
  • Creator Info – Want to talk to future owners of your piece? Or do you need an interaction in order to complete the intended experience? For example: You’d like to ship a physical piece to the owner. You can include your contact information in this space. 
  • Editions – The possibilities are unlimited, especially if you begin to combine it with Editions! All collectors of an edition will receive access to the unlockable content – at this time you cannot create different unlockable content per edition.

How will you use this new feature? Let us know via Discord or our Feedback channel.

Please note: All unlockable content should adhere to our Terms of Service.