What is Voice’s blockchain roadmap?

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Here at Voice, we believe that NFTs represent the future of idea exchange. As we shared in our manifesto, to make NFTs accessible to everyone, NFTs must be:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • Portable
  • Decentralized

We started with environmentally friendly and easy to use because these are the biggest problems to solve for today’s NFT ecosystem. However, we fully intend to execute on all of the above in order to make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Our Blockchain 

Voice will launch on a private EOSIO blockchain, meaning we are the only block producers. We use EOSIO, as it enables a minimal carbon footprint and no gas fees (free minting), making the barrier for entry to NFTs low and environmentally friendly. We chose to start as a private, centralized chain in order to provide creators with unique value not currently offered by other platforms and to enable us to remain flexible to creators’ needs as they learn about and interact with NFTs. 

Path to Portable and Decentralized

Portability and decentralization are central to the value we believe creators and their communities around the world deserve. We have laid out a clear set of milestones to achieve that:

  • Publish our NFT standard specification
  • Publish Voice NFT transactions in a public block explorer
  • Export private keys to user wallets
  • Export NFTs from Voice to EOS, Polygon, Solana and other Proof of Stake chains
    • Ex: Voice-minted NFTs can be exported and held in self-custody wallets on other chains
  • Import NFTs from Ethereum and other chains to Voice
    • Ex: Ethereum ERC-721 NFTs and SimpleAssets 1.0 and SA+ NFTs on EOS, etc. can be imported to and transacted on Voice
  • Decentralize the Voice NFT blockchain
    • Incrementally add independent block producers
    • Refine and harden chain governance
    • Full decentralization

Once we reach the above milestones, Voice will have combined a great user experience with the core principles that make NFTs so powerful. We are building for the long-term vision – a world where everyone benefits from NFT technology.