How to use NFTs to power your Discord community

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Discord is a major tool for building Web3 communities. Voice has built a tool to help you build and manage yours, using a Voice account as authorization.

How it works

Voice provides a free to use Discord integration that allows for Voice NFTs to work as access tokens to private Discord channels. This is done via setting custom roles, which can be set based on specific NFTs, NFTs by a specific creator, or on NFTs from a series.

Detailed instructions for setting up your Voice Server Authentication are here

Creating a Discord Server

If you are new to using Discord, or have never set up your own Discord before, we recommend reading through their Getting Started guide or jumping right into their tutorial on creating your own server.

Ways to use it

  • Run a contest where collectors of a set of editions get entry to a specific channel 
  • Allow early sale access to previous collectors for a new collection
  • Build a community – connect your new collectors with fellow creators

Teaching your users

A common approach to showing users how to authenticate based on the NFTs they own is to create a channel in discord called “Verify” that is locked for editing but viewable by everyone.

  • An example of this is typically seen for verifying that people in your Discord agree to your rules or self-identification. 

We suggest having the following as the text content of that channel:

How to claim a role based on your Voice NFTs:

  1. Turn on DMs (can be temporarily!)
  2. In this channel, type /voice sync
  3. You will receive a DM from the Voice Verify bot.
    • The DM will include a Discord Authentication link that will link your Discord account to your Voice account. Linking your account once will link it for all Discord servers that you are a member of.
    • Click the link
    • Click the button to accept the request
    • You will be redirected to Voice and see your account has been linked

4. Come back to this channel, and type /voice sync again

5. If you have already linked your Voice account, you will receive another DM with the list of Discord server roles that you have been granted.

Learn from your fellow community members

Marcus Kan is the creator of the Draw a Dot Discord, which is exclusive to members of the Draw a Dot community and those who have purchased Utility Coins on Voice. 

“I am hoping to create this NFT community where artists and collectors can connect. Instead of searching for NFT projects on social media platforms, the collectors will now be able to get the firsthand news from the artists themselves (and possibly get the NFTs before the artists release the projects to the public).”

The project benefits both artists from the Draw A Dot community, who are very excited about selling NFTs to collectors and giving those people access to the Discord. They love the fact that this Discord is exclusive and only caters to potential buyers. It’s also beneficial to collectors, who will get access to the Discord, and can also appoint one of the artists in the group to create a 1/1 NFT portrait. 

There you have it! Experiment, talk to your community, and let us know how it goes!