Utilizing NFT categories for discoverability

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One of the most important elements of a marketplace is discovery. Voice is building a platform where all artists can find success with their work– allowing collectors to easily find the type of art they’re looking for is a key element. 

Creators on Voice can categorize their NFTs under the following classifications: graphic design, animation, digital illustration, digital painting, digital sculpture, digital photography, mixed media, or other. To avoid confusion, only one category can be selected for each NFT. Categorization can be completed during the initial minting process or can be done after the fact by navigating to the details page of the NFT and clicking edit. 

What is the benefit of selecting categories for your NFT?

The categorization tool is a great resource for increasing the search-ability of artwork on Voice. Collectors will now spend less time sifting through artwork they’re not interested in and will more quickly and easily be able to discover the artworks that speak to them. 

Adding categories to your artwork will also make your NFTs more discoverable on the Explore page because of the filter by category mechanism. 

NFT categorization is an exciting step toward increasing connections between creators and collectors, thereby contributing to more sustainable models of compensation for digital artists and expanding accessibility in the NFT space.

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