What’s a Block Explorer?


Voice has released a block explorer that allows tech savvy users to visualize detailed information about each transaction that takes place on Voice and how they’re registered on the blockchain.

What is a block explorer?

Put simply, a block explorer is an online tool that enables you to search in real-time for historical information about a blockchain and its transactions. Using a block explorer can grant you information about the data stored in each block, transaction records, addresses, and much more. 

Blockchain technology is often lauded for being transparent. Block explorers are a key contributor to this value.

What utility does a block explorer add?

The biggest added value of a block explorer is increased transparency. Voice’s block explorer can be used to validate that information shown on exists on Voice’s blockchain.

The Voice block explorer enables the public to access technical information about the inner workings of Voice’s private blockchain – things like transaction volume, block height, the latest transactions, etc.

Block explorers are advanced tools most often utilized by Web3 natives to validate the authenticity of our chain.

Do I need to use the Voice block explorer?

The short answer? No. Voice users are under no obligation to utilize the Voice block explorer tool. This tool is simply a method of increasing transparency, providing the public with access to more Voice data if they want it, and validating the authenticity of the Voice blockchain.

Can I use the Voice block explorer to search for information about the Ethereum or WAX blockchains?

Each block explorer contains information about only one particular blockchain. To retrieve information about Ethereum or WAX, you would have to have an Ethereum and WAX block explorer. The Voice block explorer can only retrieve information about Voice’s private blockchain.

Where can I access the Voice block explorer?

There are a number of places you can access the Voice block explorer tool within the Voice platform and externally.

  1. On the History section of NFT Detail page, next to each transaction
  2. On the Balance page, by selecting ‘Explore my transactions’
  3. When a successful NFT purchase takes place, on the confirmation page
  4. Navigating to